Need a Magento Upgrade?

Is your E-commerce store stuck in an older version of Magento Community Edition?

As of May 15, 2014 the current version of Magento Community Edition is

Depending what version you are using, there are steps you may have to take get your site back up to the latest version. For instance, in cases of much older versions, you'll need to upgrade your shop to version first.

At Swarming Technology (based in Milwaukee, WI) we are experts in helping new and existing clients upgrade their versions of Magento. We strive to find cost effective ways to move older versions to the latest.

A few things to factor in the cost of your upgrade:

  1. Was my site set-up correctly by my developer?
  2. Were the core files tampered with?
  3. Are the modules and extensions my site uses compatible with newer versions?

Contact Swarming Technology for an estimate today!

We are Magento Certified and can also provide you optimized Magento hosting to get your sites performance at top speed.

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