Magento Hosting

hive-hosting-service-calloutWe designed our Hive Hosting service to provide our clients with unparalleled business-class hosting and managed services.

We can assist in managing your existing hosting infrastructure, or help you design and implement a hosting environment that provides peak performance, security and redundancy.

Why use our Hive Hosting service?

  • We leverage best-in-class data centers to create a hosting environment that is tailored specifically for your site's unique requirements.
  • Our in-house team of Linux System Administrators and certified Magento developers work closely together to create a solution that outperforms the competition.
  • We provide flexible retainer agreements for professional and reliable hosting and support.
  • We can work with your existing hosting provider, or provision an updated hosting environment located within one of our recommended data centers, or the datacenter of your choice.
  • Our enterprise hosting packages include robust backup solutions and disaster recovery planning.

When you host with Swarming Technology, you get personalized, professional support that you can rely on at any hour, on any day of the week. We operate our servers on the same high-tech infrastructure as the top players, but unlike a large hosting company, we don't have thousands of clients to spread our attention amongst. You get direct access to our agile team of professionals, so even if your site experiences problems during off-hours on a holiday, you can be confident that your issue will be addressed promptly.

Contact us to get started and we'll take care of the rest!

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