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  • Need a Magento Upgrade?

    Is your E-commerce store stuck in an older version of Magento Community Edition?

    As of May 15, 2014 the current version of Magento Community Edition is

    Depending what version you are using, there are steps you may have to take get your site back up to the latest version. For instance, in cases of much older versions, you'll need to upgrade your shop to version first.

    At Swarming Technology (based in Milwaukee, WI) we are experts in helping new and existing clients upgrade their versions of Magento. We strive to find cost effective ways to move older versions to the latest.

    A few things to factor in the cost of your upgrade:

    1. Was my site set-up correctly by my developer?
    2. Were the core files tampered with?
    3. Are the modules and extensions my site uses compatible with newer versions?

    Contact Swarming Technology for an estimate today!

    We are Magento Certified and can also provide you optimized Magento hosting to get your sites performance at top speed.

  • Multi-Store Magento Platforms from Swarming Technology (in Milwaukee, WI)

    NEED TO MANAGE MULTIPLE ONLINE STORES? Magento is an extremely powerful e-commerce platform for businesses operating stores for multiple clients, customer groups, or departments. Ask us about our multi-store Magento solutions for: • Promotional Products Companies • Multi-Channel Distributors • Dealer or Distibutor Networks Call Swarming Technology today and we’ll guide you through the entire process. (888) 855-8632

  • Get Hive Hosting

    We designed our Hive Hosting service to provide our clients with unparalleled business-class hosting and support. Contact us for Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle or any custom hosting and we'll do the rest!

    WHY HOST WITH HIVE HOSTING? Because when you host with us, you get personalized, professional support that you can rely on at any hour, on any day of the week. We operate our servers on the same high-tech infrastructure as the big boys, but unlike a large hosting company, we don't have 50,000 clients to spread our attention amongst. You get direct access to our small and agile team, and if your site experiences problems at 11pm on a Saturday, you can be confident that your issue will be addressed promptly.

    Additionally, we've used our years of hosting experience to create a hosting infrastructure that is highly optimized for running complex sites with ease. The end result is blazing fast hosting backed by exceptional technical expertise and support.

    See for more hosting details.

  • Magento e-Commerce Tailored for B2B in Milwaukee, WI

    MAGENTO, TAILORED FOR B2B E-COMMERCE Out of the box, Magento has every feature necessary to run a successful e-commerce store. We've taken that foundation, and built upon it to create a truly unique B2B e-commerce powerhouse. Whether you have an existing Magento e-commerce site, or just starting. Swarming Technology has the experience and knowledge to give your store an extra edge over your competition. Contact Swarming Technology today for a custom Magento e-commerce quote! (888) 855-8632

  • Not New to the Market, But Still Makes Me Drool!

    Oh dreamy lens, you make me feel like a super spy out to secretly capture the expressions world. Thanks to another photographer friend of mine, I was able to use this lens at a past event. Which really just left me thinking, dreaming, and drooling over it. See for all the details. This lens sells for well over $2000 new ... even the used versions catch a fair price. Someday my love, someday!

  • Chuck Norris on Social Media

    On top of all the popular Chuck Norris jokes going around these days, this one puts a smile on my face. Oh Chuck, what would we all do if we didn't have your massive heroics to compare to. We'd have to watch far more Dos Equis commercials to get our fix of the most interesting man in the world instead. Cheers to you Mr. Norris and all your good deeds.

  • When to Call in the Experts

    Looks like our friends in Germany spelled it all out for us. Check out this flowchart Hell Yeah has created to help clients decide when to call in the designers.  

  • The Oatmeal Spells How Web Design Goes Down Hill

    Go to to see this hilarious illustration of the website designing process.

  • Talks on Designer vs. Develpers

    Designers and developers are just not the same ... very different in fact. See what the clever crew at illustrated to help us understand.

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