New Site Design

bscsOur clients at BSCS - A Science Education Curriculum Study, came to us in need of an updated design for their existing Drupal site. The site they had was limiting and hard to navigate to points of interest. Being the scientists they are, they had a lot more to say, and plenty of news and events they needed to keep current. It was our pleasure to help restructure and redesign the site to be exactly what they needed, and ready for more in the future. Their moto is to transform science teaching and learning ... and ours is transform websites into useful tools, for today and tomorrow. Check out to see what they are up to next.

One thought on “ New Site Design”

  • Hedi Baxter Lauffer

    Excellent redesign! As a past employee of BSCS and frequent visitor to their site, I can honestly say this is the best organization and dissemination of their excellent work that I've ever seen. I'm glad to see they're reaping the benefits of your talents, too, Alyssa (and the rest of the Swarming Tech team)!

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